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1. Impress  
Imprint and legal GICF - German Institute of Corporate Finance Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Ernst Prof. Dr. Dr. Joachim Häcker Adresse: Neckarsteige 6-10 D-72622 Nürtingen Kontaktdaten: E-Mail:…  
2. Publications and Training  
Publications & Training Select a subject: Corporate Finance Company Valuations Financial Modeling Financial Management Automotive Finance  
3. DICF  
German Institute of Corporate Finance Certified Financial Modeler Navigation Institute Activities Information Contact Legal Privacy Policy Contact GICF German Institute of Corporate Finance…  
4. Board of Directors  
Board of Directors  
5. Automotive Finance  
Automotive Finance Publications Automotive Management Automotive Finance (PDF) Automotive Finance Study (PDF)  
6. Automotive management  
Automobilmanagement (automotive management) »Practically-oriented textbook«
The book is aimed at students in economics, professionals and executives in the automotive industry, banks, insurances,…  
7. Financial Crisis  
Von der Subprime-Krise zur Finanzkrise (From Subprime Crisis to Financial Crisis) The subprime crisis has become a financial crisis. The book analyses the causes of the subprime crisis, describes…  
8. Mezzanine financing  
Mezzanine-Finanzierungen (mezzanine financing) Mezzanine capital has also become a core element of corporate financing in Germany. By now, two product groups have developed in mezzanine: the…  
9. Basics of corporate financing  
Grundzüge der Unternehmensfinanzierung (basics of corporate financing) The introduction to corporate financing Practical, compact and comprehensive The reference book conveys the basics of…  
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