Education is the key!

Scientific Exchange

The main goal of the EIFD is to support the scientific and intellectual exchange in the area of Corporate Finance. 

  • The EIFD hosts various conferences and seminars.
  • The EIFD facilitates the release of publications in the areas of Derivatives and Financial Engineering.
  • The EIFD offers professional training in cooperation with Eurex to become a “Certified Financial Engineer”.


Source: Deutsche Börse AG


Scientific Exchange

The Board of Directors of EIFD create seminars concepts and conduct this seminars by themselves.

Derivates in the Financial Engineering

The EIFD offers in cooperation with the Deutsche Börse AG the seminar: Derivates in the Financial Engineering.


Books on topics in Derivatives and Financial Engineering can be published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg Publishing in the series titled “Derivatives”. The “Derivatives” series is edited and issued by the European Institute of Financial Engineering and Derivatives. Suggestions for new book projects are welcomed by the EIFD’s board of directors from top executives and leading scholars in Finance. (Contact info)  

The Directors of the EIFD are authors and editors of numerous publications. ( Publications)